Customer Testimonials


I started my deer herd with foundation Refuge genetics. The quality and demeanor of the deer are incredible. I have been very pleased with the way the deer have adapted to my facility and have continued to grow. The service and information that The Refuge team has provided me as a new breeder is unmatched!  Thanks for all of the help!

Jeff Nelson
Cala Grande Ranch

I have had the privilege of being associated with The Refuge for over five years. I believe that pound for pound The Refuge genetics are the best in the business. The Refuge not only produces big deer in their own pens but breeders who purchase genetics from The Refuge can also expect to raise big deer. No matter if you’re a new breeder or an old breeder; you can’t go wrong buying deer from The Refuge.

Matt Newman
3N Whitetails - Bardwell, Texas

Raising 200 B&C Yearlings is no easy task. In 2010 we had three yearlings over 200 B&C with the largest scoring 242 B&C. The common denominator in all these yearlings is Refuge genetics! Needless to say Refuge genetics has had a huge impact on our deer herd. Although Chris McSpadden and The Refuge have 20 + years of experience and raise some of the biggest bucks in the country year after year, their greatest asset is their honesty and integrity. 

Will Pressley
Pressley Whitetails - Agua Dulce, Texas

When I started out about 5 years ago I did it all wrong.  I went out and spent lots of money on bucks and just released them onto my ranch.  This time I knew I had to buy good does and I knew that one of my first calls had to be to Chris.  He and Heath were a pleasure and went above and beyond what I ever expected. These guys are the definition of under promise and over deliver. It's refreshing that still today you find someone who will give you their word AND MEAN IT AND STAND BEHIND IT.......They do.....I bought some select does and one wasn't looking good when they loaded up so rather than taking a chance they didn't deliver her and let me know in advance there was an issue. She ended up dying a few days later and they replaced her with a better doe that I didn't even consider because she was too high for my budget. So not only did they look out for me by not sending me a sick doe that would've lived a few days then die they replaced her with a BETTER doe you can't beat that deal boys, I promise you that.  We have done many deals with these guys and will do business for many years to come. They are friends as well.

Mike Wood
President, Oldham Lumber, Dallas, Texas

“Matador Ranch has been a satisfied customer of The Refuge since deciding to raise our own deer for our Panther Canyon hunting pasture.  The Refuge's superior genetics have enabled us to produce larger-framed and greater-massed deer sought by our customers. Working with Chris McSpadden and the Sodd family has been a pleasure from a personal and business standpoint.  Chris told us his goal was to help Matador Ranch be successful.  He has lived up to this commitment and continues to help us with our business and fully seeks to see us improve. Matador Ranch values doing business with like-minded and progressive people such as the folks at The Refuge.

Bob Kilmer
Matador Ranch - Matador, Texas

Chris McSpadden and the Refuge are among the top deer breeders in the state of Texas for many reasons.  The first is they consistently produce high quality deer year after year.  Beyond perfecting high quality genetics with deep pedigrees in their herd for over 20 years, they partner with their clients and share their vast knowledge very openly.  They are an honest and hardworking group that does business with integrity. Nothing makes them happier than to see one of their clients succeed and they do everything within their power to help make sure that happens.

Kevin Reid
Morani River Ranch - near Uvalde, Texas

Every time I visit The Refuge I am completely blown away by the continuous production of top quality bucks year after year.  Chris McSpadden’s attention to detail and unbelievable customer service ranks The Refuge at the top of my list of whitetail breeders.  I recommend anyone just getting into the business or simply looking to stock their ranch to stop by and talk to Chris sometime.  You won’t regret it!

John True
Big Rack Ranch - Terrell, Texas

When we made the decision to take our breeding program to a whole new level, one of the first places we went was The Refuge. Their deep pedigrees, solid bloodlines, years of experience, and incredible results on the ground on ranches all over the country were exactly what we wanted in a breeder when we assembled our core herd of the best genetics available. Add top notch customer service to that list and it’s no wonder why The Refuge is a leader in our industry.

Jody Hargus
Mossy Rock Whitetails

Look no further than The Refuge if you are looking for genetics that can consistently produce big bucks, and does that always perform.  Chris McSpadden’s attention to detail and understanding of genetics is unmatched in the deer business.  Chris’s knowledge of all aspects of breeding whitetail deer, and his willingness to share that knowledge was instrumental to us when creating our own deer breeding operation.  One trip through The Refuge deer pens and you will see what I’m talking about!

Jason Millegan
Cross Canyon Whitetails - near Belton, Texas

Chris McSpadden and Refuge is all about integrity and service before and after doing business with him. I remember our first trip to the Refuge. We were totally impressed with his operation and his deer.  "Anthony and I are here to buy four of your best bred does to start our breeding operation". I took my boots off and handed him my wallet and said put yourself in our shoes and spend our money like it's yours. Chris spent the next four hours helping us select our does and what bucks to breed them too. Then he spent the rest of the afternoon educating us about quality not quantity and how to care for our new herd. Chris took the time necessary to get us stared on the right foot and he personally delivered our does. Six years and many deer later I know we started out with the best genetics and deer in the country. Thanks Chris

Frank Marino
3 Amigos Ranch - near Woodson, Texas

I can’t say enough about the quality of whitetail deer, pedigree, and the genetic superiority that The Refuge has to offer its customers.  If you’re looking to make an impact on your herd, then Chris McSpadden is the person you should talk with.  His wealth of knowledge, experience, and support has been instrumental to me in developing my herd.  I am continuously amazed at the superior quality, size, and health of the offspring born out of the breeder buck I purchased from Chris.  No matter what you are looking for, breeder bucks, doe, or just deer to compliment your herd, the stock offered by The Refuge will speak for itself.

Bren Vincent
BV Whitetails - Graham, Texas

Being new to the deer business, it was our goal to seek animals that exhibited desirable genetic traits that would pass down to their offspring.  We also wanted DNA verified pedigrees so we knew 100% what we were starting with.  When you set parameters like these you quickly narrow down who you’ll be buying deer from in Texas.  Chris McSpadden has always gone out of his way to make certain we only invested in his best producing females; this is why when we look to add new stock in our herd The Refuge is the first place we look.

Jimmy Neckar
The Preserve - West, Texas

We’ve had numerous dealings with Chris and Glenn for many years. After the 2008 fawning season, I would say we are feeding around 300 to 350 “Refuge” line deer. With a total of around 500 head, they have been, and I believe will always be, hands down my best producers and the hardiest deer we’ll ever try to raise. There are a lot of deer ranches in Texas, but I can honestly say the Refuge gets better every year. The boys know what they are doing! If there is any doubt, just look at their stock. I’ve always believed, if I get someone inside my ranch, I’ll sell them deer. The Refuge has that effect on me! The quality of their animals is just unbelievable, and it seems to improve every year. That being said, I would also like to add this. The Refuge staff makes every attempt to make everyone content when it comes to selling you deer. They never try to push deer on anyone!  They’ll take time to show you what they have; most of the time throw in lunch and never try to push you into a sale. Chris and Glenn are two of the most honest people you’ll ever meet, and always honor what they say. With all the Refuge stock I have, it will be very hard to catch up to these boys!

Jeff Jones
QB Ranches - Kerens and Knox City, Texas

The only thing that equals and even exceeds the quality of Refuge Deer is the commitment to a meaningful relationship with other breeders and buyers. Chris McSpadden delivers on both fronts.

James Robison
Dos Amigos Ranch - south of George West, Texas

If you’re looking for deer for your herd that are pedigreed producers there is no where else to go!!! They consistently produced huge deer in Texas. Chris and Matt are awesome guys to do business with. They're honest and genuinely want to sell you the next BIG BUCK!  We do business with these guys any chance we get! 

Eric McGinnis
McBar Whitetails - Hillsboro, Texas

Birch Creek Ranch has been in the deer business for several years and we have purchased most of our foundation stock from the Refuge. Chris has a large selection of high quality, healthy, gentle does and the Refuge also has some of the best bucks in the industry to breed them to. Chris and Heath have done a great job of answering questions on issues from facility construction to herd health. I highly recommend both the deer and the people from the Refuge and we will definitely do business with them again.

Chip Karels
Birch Creek Ranch - Oakwood, Texas

If you are looking for great deer and awesome people to deal with, you have come to the right place. I started my operation in the spring of 2003 with 20 bred doe from “The Refuge”. I was so pleased with the service and knowledge of Chris McSpadden and Glenn Sodd that I returned that fall to purchase my first breeder buck, Renegade. He was a three year old 10 point that scored 176 with 7 inch brow tines. He scored 232 7/8 this past year with 13 and 14 inch brow tines. I have continued to purchase deer and semen from Chris over the last 5 years and will continue to do so for years to come. You will not second guess your decision if you buy deer from “The Refuge”.

Brad Sullivan
Sullivan Whitetails - Sunset, Texas

“When we drove through The Refuge’s two year old pen and saw every buck was huge we knew immediately that if we were to become one of the top breeders in the State, we needed The Refuge genetics in our program.  There is no question Chris McSpadden has developed the best genetic herd in the state producing, not a few big bucks per year but entire pens of huge bucks each year.  The proof is in the pens!” 

Jim Donnan
Venado Creek Ranch - San Augustine, Texas