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The Refuge - Breeder Buck - Big O The Refuge - Breeder Buck - Stemwinder
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The Refuge - Semen Buck - Texas Sam The Refuge - Semen Buck - Blade The Refuge - Semen Buck - Honky Tonk The Refuge - Semen Buck - Sideways
The Refuge - Semen Buck - Big O The Refuge - Semen Buck - 2Wide The Refuge - Semen Buck - Bladestar The Refuge - Semen Buck - Stemwinder
Chris McSpadden

Chris McSpadden

Chris is a 4th generation rancher in Navarro County. He has spent the majority of his life raising and handling animals. This experience has led to us increasingly raising bigger, healthier deer. Chris and his wife Jody Sodd McSpadden have three children, Will 8, Annie 4 and Jake 3. Feel free to contact Chris at the ranch at 903.396.2848, or on his cell 903.229.8787.

Heath Reynolds

Heath Reynolds

 Heath Reynolds, a long-time family friend of the Sodd family, came to work for The Refuge in August 2009. Heath worked at the ranch when he was in high school and helped with all aspects of the ranch in the early years. Heath's honesty, integrity and work ethic has made him a valueable asset to The Refuge. Heath is married to Angie Reynolds and they have two boys; J.R. age 10 and Reece age 5.