Breeder Bucks
The Refuge - Breeder Buck - Big O The Refuge - Breeder Buck - Stemwinder
AI Sires
The Refuge - AI Sire - Maxbo 727 The Refuge - AI Sire - Tex Roller The Refuge - AI Sire - Mojo The Refuge - AI Sire - Monarch
The Refuge - AI Sire - Maxbo The Refuge - AI Sire - Sapo The Refuge - AI Sire - Maxbo Hardcore The Refuge - AI Sire - Hot Shot
Past Breeders
The Refuge - Past Breeder - Texas Sam The Refuge - Past Breeder - Antler King The Refuge - Past Breeder - Blade The Refuge - Past Breeder - 2Wide
The Refuge - Past Breeder - Slingblade The Refuge - Past Breeder - Honky Tonk The Refuge - Past Breeder - Slingshot The Refuge - Past Breeder - Zero
Sold Bucks
The Refuge - Sold Buck - Bladestar The Refuge - Sold Buck - 2Wide The Refuge - Sold Buck - Sully The Refuge - Sold Buck - Renegade
The Refuge - Sold Buck - Zero The Refuge - Sold Buck - Slingshot The Refuge - Sold Buck - Matador The Refuge - Sold Buck - Casanova
Semen Bucks
The Refuge - Semen Buck - Texas Sam The Refuge - Semen Buck - Blade The Refuge - Semen Buck - Honky Tonk The Refuge - Semen Buck - Sideways
The Refuge - Semen Buck - Big O The Refuge - Semen Buck - 2Wide The Refuge - Semen Buck - Bladestar The Refuge - Semen Buck - Stemwinder

CORAD Weather Radar

The CORAD website was established in August of 1999 to help keep the residents of Corsicana and all of the surrounding area informed of the weather. It is also intended to show some of the history of the Corsicana Radar Facilities as well as the current operations. 

Cross Timbers Marketing

Cross Timbers Marketing is a multifaceted full-service marketing and advertising company specializing in developing and delivering cutting edge marketing and advertising solutions to the outdoors industry (hunting, fishing, adventure, and travel). Through creative and innovative solutions Cross Timbers Marketing offers professional services that include website design & development, multimedia production, graphic design, and print layout.

Delta Waterfowl

Delta provides knowledge, leaders and science-based solutions that efficiently conserve waterfowl and secure the future for waterfowl hunting. Their strategic objectives include conducting high-quality research, train students, communicate results, evaluate new scientific techniques, influence publich policy, and preserve and promote hunting as an integral part of waterfowl management.

Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited conserves, restores and manages wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl. These habitats also benefit other wildlife and people.

Lyssy & Eckel Feeds

 Lyssy and Eckel has been manufacturing quality Cattle Feeds, Deer Feeds, Show Calf Feeds, Show Lamb Feeds, Show Goat Feeds, Horse Feeds, Cottonseed Cubes, Range Cubes, Minerals and Custom Formulations since 1945. We also offer a complete line of agricultural products including tack, animal health and wildlife products.

Texas Deer Association

The Texas Deer Association (TDA) is the only non-profit organization in Texas solely dedicated to improving the quality of Texas deer herds. Founded in 1999, TDA promotes and cares for the welfare and health of our deer herds and on ways to improve deer quality and the hunting experience in Texas.

Texas Hunter Products

It all began with a "mighty good deer blind" over 50 years ago. We've grown a lot since then, and have earned the respect of wildlife enthusiasts across America. With this kind of commitment to building affordable products that you can depend on year after year, it's no wonder Texas Hunter has become the favorite among generations of sportsmen and women throughout the country.

Texas Parks & Wildlife

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Web site, your online connection to some of the finest outdoor recreation in the world, including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, biking, birdwatching and much more. You will also find the latest on TPWD's efforts to conserve fish and wildlife species and habitat as well as cultural and historic sites across Texas, with many opportunities for you to get involved with this important work.

Texas Sporting Journal

The Texas Sporting Journal is the Worldwide Outdoors Magazine of Texas. An award winning magazine that offers stories and photos from top outdoor writers and photographers, covering sporting adventures and destinations throughout Texas, North Amerca, and Worldwide.

Texas Trophy Hunters Association

The Texas Trophy Hunters Association strives to unite all segments of the hunting community for the dissemination of information and joining of energies to promote and protect our hunting heritage.