Refuge Doe


Behind every good buck, there's a better doe.

Big bucks come from good doe!

All doe are not created equally! The strength of our doe is the cornerstone of our program. We spend an inordinate amount of time before each breeding season going over each does history to ensure we mate her to the best buck possible. This process takes us months to finalize. The meticulous records that we've kept for 20 years allow us to pair each individual deer with the best mate. Raising big deer is no crap shoot, not saying you can’t get lucky, however consistency comes by paying attention to details, experience and having good doe. If you’re spending big money on semen, you better have the doe power to go with it. After all, it’s been said the doe plays up to 65% of how the offspring turns out, good or bad. If you want to step up your program, consider purchasing Refuge females. It may be the best money you spend in the deer business!