Breeder Bucks

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The Refuge - Breeder Buck,Semen - Absolute
The Refuge - AI Sire,Breeder Buck,Semen - Big O
Big O
The Refuge - Breeder Buck,Semen - Bonafide
The Refuge - Breeder Buck,Semen - Peppy
The Refuge - Breeder Buck,Semen - Sideways
The Refuge - AI Sire,Breeder Buck,Semen - Stemwinder
The Refuge - Breeder Buck,Past Breeder,Semen - TEXBO
The Refuge - AI Sire,Breeder Buck,Semen - Topper 808
Topper 808
The Refuge - Breeder Buck,Semen - Voodoo
The Refuge - Breeder Buck,Semen - Wide Clyde
Wide Clyde

We're all about customer satisfaction!

Big O

“When we drove through The Refuge’s two year old pen and saw every buck was huge we knew immediately that if we want to become one of the top breeders in the State, we needed The Refuge genetics in our program.  There is no question Chris McSpadden has developed the best genetic herd in the state.  Producing, not a few big bucks per year, but pens filled with huge bucks each year.  The proof is in their pens!”

Jim Donnan of Venado Creek Ranch

Our primary goal is to satisfy our clients and help them meet their goals. We do so by supplying them with some of the healthiest and best deer in the Texas deer industry! Whether your preference is clean Typical or monster non-typical, we have something for everybody. We're not about one or two good ones- we're about pens filled with good ones! Seeing for yourself in person is the best way to appreciate what The Refuge is all about. Call or Email Chris to schedule a visit.

The only thing that equals and even exceeds the quality of Refuge Deer is the commitment to a meaningful relationship with other breeders and buyers. Chris McSpadden delivers on both fronts.

James Robison